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Leesa Morrison

Leesa MorrisonMy goal is to support patients through their cancer journey by helping them make healthy nutritional choices and lifestyle changes. I meet with new patients during their first or second chemo treatment to get started and work with them throughout treatment, responding to concerns about appetite changes, weight loss, etc. I also meet with other patients regarding managing weight loss, improving diet, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and making other lifestyle adaptations. My responsibilities include a healthy food demonstration twice a week and nutritional support during the weekly relaxation retreat.

I chose to work at The Ghosh Center because the philosophy that “what you eat does make a difference” was apparent in the way Dr. Ghosh and Mindy advise their patients. I believe it makes a huge difference in someone’s cancer journey when they take full advantage of nutritional guidance. I love meeting with the patients, getting to know them on a personal level and assisting them in any area that I can.

My background includes elementary education and work as a medical assistant. I enjoy walking, yard work and home projects and spending time with family – my husband and two adult children.

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