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Taking Cancer Down

A Movement to Transform Cancer Treatment

It’s our mission at The Ghosh Center to improve cancer care for our patients. But did you know we’re also part of a movement?

We’re at the forefront of an initiative called CancerLinQ, a collaboration of doctors invested in improving outcomes for cancer patients everywhere. We joined this movement early on as one of the “vanguard” practices pioneering the use of big data to transform cancer treatment.

Strength in Numbers

Last year, about 1.7 million people were diagnosed with cancer. Each of these people had their own stories, with individual characteristics, treatment regimens and outcomes. Until recently, this information was locked away in electronic health records, with no possibility of the lessons from one patient being used to benefit another. CancerLinQ aims to change this by connecting and analyzing electronic data to provide doctors with real-world insights for better treatment decisions.

The participants in CancerLinQ share anonymous data from electronic medical records. When this data is combined, it has the power to uncover patterns about which treatments work best for specific cancer patients. Up until now, the only shared data came from clinical trials, which represent about 3% of cancer patients. CancerLinQ has the potential to unlock data from the other 97% to improve care for everyone.

Our participation in CancerLinQ lets us learn from the experiences of more than one million patients. The insights from their records translate into usable knowledge we can personalize for each and every patient we see.

How You Benefit

You benefit from the collective wisdom of many doctors – in short, getting second opinions from hundreds of cancer doctors about how treatments perform for real people. You’re compared with patients like you, people with similar types of cancer, medical histories and genetic profiles. Your care is also informed by the experiences of others who’ve received new, targeted cancer therapies.

You benefit from the collective wisdom of many doctors about how treatments perform for real people

The Right Treatments for the Right Patients

CancerLinQ is the only national system of its kind, created by oncologists for oncologists to directly improve the care of cancer patients. It’s a subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the largest professional oncology society in the world.

As more practices join CancerLinQ, the more everyone will benefit. More data equals more insights, which leads to more effective treatments based on solid evidence. Ultimately, CancerLinQ will help the cancer community make the right decisions for the right patients at the right time. We’re proud to be on the front lines of this movement.

Hear what cancer doctors are saying about CancerLinQ.

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