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A Second Chance at Life

“I’m just so grateful to have a second chance at life.” That’s how Alan summarized his talk with us. He shares his Ghosh Center experience in a moving video, which is excerpted below.

Tell us about your first diagnosis.

One morning when I was shaving, I noticed a lump that rolled over my collarbone. I didn’t know what it was. Plus, I had some other bumps on my neck. I was concerned.

The first doctor I went to did surgery. They took a biopsy of one of my lymph nodes. When it turned out to be cancer, I was more or less given a death sentence and told to go in and have a port put in the next day.

Your wife wasn’t ready to give up. What happened next?

My wife said to get a second opinion. So we went to Dr. Ghosh. He said, “You were misdiagnosed. Can you tell I’m upset?” And I said, “I hope not at me.”  He told me the surgery was unnecessary, that I need my lymph nodes.

He added, “I could have done the same thing with a simple blood test.” I asked him if he was serious. He told me yes, that’s why he was so upset.

Then he said, “I can help, but you’re going to have to fight.” So I fought. Every day. After my chemo sessions, I would go home and work out. I felt like he was helping me, and I was going to fight for him.

I worked through this. I was put into remission by that man. He’s on a mission here in his life to save people, and that’s what he did with me.

You’ve been given a future. What do you want others to know?

You’ve got to believe, you’ve got to fight, you’ve got to find somebody to trust. The trust was there from the minute I met the man. He told me he wanted me to get a third opinion, and I said, no, I don’t need one. I found my doctor right here.

I am so grateful to Dr. Ghosh. This is coming from my heart. It’s so meaningful to have nurses and doctors who care so much about you. You can just feel it in your soul.

Everybody else that’s part of the family of Ghosh knows this, too. It’s why we’re all close. When you’re at the office, there’s always hugs and a good handshake. It’s part of it.

I hope no one ever has to experience what I did, but if they do, this would be the place to experience it. This is the place – and these are the people to go through it with you.

What do you want Dr. Ghosh and the team to know?

I’ve never met a doctor like Dr. Ghosh in my life. I would do anything for the man or any of his staff anytime, day or night. I would be there for them. They don’t know that. I’ve never told them, but I’m going to someday.

Alan, you just did. Thanks so much for sharing your story.


Watch Alan as he speaks from the heart.


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  • Debra Barron says:
    Well said, Alan. Dr. Ghosh and his staff have always been so available and as a patient, you feel they would all go the extra mile for you no matter what your circumstances. He has his patients' best interest in mind and heart. His kindness is such an important part of his treatment plan and is as important as his medical knowledge. Few physicians have that quality and I am forever grateful to him for all he and his staff have done for me and my family. How fortunate we are to have such a kind, knowledgeable doctor in our presence. I doubt if I would have had the outcome I did almost nine years ago if he wouldn't have been my oncologist. I, too, feel like I've been given a second chance at life and am so grateful for every day.

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