A Privilege to Work with Our Patients

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For Mindy Martin, working at The Ghosh Center is a family affair, beginning with her introduction to Dr. Ghosh and continuing with the relationships she forms with patients. As an advanced oncology certified nurse practitioner, she sees patients just as Dr. Ghosh does. Hear what she has to say about her work and the people she serves.

What led you to work with Dr. Ghosh?

Like many of us at The Ghosh Center, I knew Dr. Ghosh first as a doctor who cared for someone important to me. When my dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer, he was already at stage four. Dr. Ghosh prolonged his life, helped him manage his pain and improved his quality of life.

I was so impressed – as a family member and as a healthcare professional. At the time, I was working as a nurse practitioner in adult cardiology and came to all my dad’s appointments. It was clear that Dr. Ghosh became a doctor for the right reasons. He had a passion for caring for people, and I hadn’t necessarily seen this with other doctors. He really stood out.

Tell us about your role here.

I’ve been with Dr. Ghosh for almost ten years. When someone starts treatment, I work with them to provide education about their condition and their options. During treatment, I see patients at each visit. We talk about how they’re doing, discuss ways to manage side effects and, if needed, explore different approaches to help them cope with treatment. And just like it was with my dad, I take time for questions – no matter how many, no matter how basic.

Dr. Ghosh and I form a strong team. We’re both always thinking about our patients and bouncing things off one another. And we both believe it's all about the patients - period.

You mentioned education. Tell us more about that.

Education is one of the cornerstones of our care. We’re all about empowering patients through education – equipping them with information, providing straight talk about treatment options and explaining how each will affect their quality of life. We give people the tools to make the decision that’s best for them. Doing what’s best for patients is hardwired in everyone who works here.We see people at their most vulnerable, and we never push them in a direction they’re not comfortable with. Our patients trust us to tell them the truth and to respect their choices. When they own their decisions and their whole family is on board, everyone does better.

Our patients trust us to tell them the truth

What does your work mean to you?

It’s a privilege to be involved in each patient’s journey. My work is not easy, but what keeps me coming back is the people I see every day. I’ve formed amazing relationships with our patients and their families. I’ve walked with them, grieved with them and watched them walk with grace, faith and dignity.

They are truly family, and they’ve taught me more than I could ever teach them. If I can make their journey as good as I can, I’m doing my job.

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