Beyond the Billboards


We’ve all seen the billboards when driving around town. They’re prominently featured along the highway and at major intersections. Their message? Choose us for your cancer (heart/orthopedic/lung) care. Some of them feature physicians; others display logos and certifications.

At The Ghosh Center, we don’t do billboards. But we do deliver excellent cancer care. And we earn certifications just like the one pictured here.

Committed to the Best Cancer Care

This image verifies that we’re QOPI™ certified. QOPI stands for Quality Oncology Practice Initiative. The certification is awarded to medical practices that meet the highest standards for cancer care. It’s the first program of its kind for outpatient oncology practices in the United States.

Not every practice can rise to these standards. In fact, only six organizations in Iowa hold this certification; less than 300 qualify across the country. Certification is awarded by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the leading organization in quality measurement and quality improvement in cancer care.

Rigorous Standards Benefit Patients

To become certified, practices have to submit to an evaluation of their entire practice and documentation standards. The Quality Certification Program staff and steering group members then conduct an onsite inspection to verify that practices meet core standards in areas of treatment, including:

  • Treatment planning

  • Staff training and education

  • Chemotherapy orders and drug preparation

  • Patient consent and education

  • Safe chemotherapy administration

  • Monitoring and assessment of patient well-being

Rowing in the Same Direction

As cancer treatment has become more complex, it’s been increasingly challenging to stay on top of evolving therapies and medications. ASCO aims to cut through the complexity by creating standards for patient care. According to ASCO, the tools provided by their Institute for Quality help keep cancer professionals “rowing in the same direction.” When you standardize care, it improves patient outcomes and increases safety.

Here’s the bottom line, according to Dr. Sandra Swain, past president of ASCO:

“Oncology practices that are committed to quality and safety are those that provide the most optimal cancer care. The QOPI Certification Program helps practices determine whether they are providing the best treatment and care possible to their patients, and demonstrates a commitment to excellence and ongoing quality improvement in the hematology-oncology outpatient practice.”

We may not shout it from a billboard. But we’re committed to providing the best cancer care to patients and proud to be recognized for doing so.