Dr. Ghosh Knows Our Family Well


This is the second of two blog posts about how Dr. Ghosh has cared for several generations of the Fairbanks family. In the first article, we shared the story of his relationship with Carol and Charles Fairbanks and their son, Dennis. Today, we continue the conversation with Charles and Carol.

Your family has been connected to Dr. Ghosh for nearly 20 years. How has your relationship changed over time?

Our impressions of Dr. Ghosh have only grown stronger over the years. Not only has he treated both of us and our son, Dennis, he’s also taken care of Carol’s mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law and her aunt. Dr. Ghosh says that he knows our family too well. He’s right, but we’re really glad to know him! We even have a picture of him in our home.

What stands out about the care you receive?

The patients-first philosophy. The whole team lives it. Everyone focuses on what’s best for us. They care about us as people and pay attention to keeping our lives as normal, comfortable and pain-free as possible.

We’ve spent a lot of time here and haven’t seen a despondent person yet. It’s because of the atmosphere the staff creates. They understand our emotions and make an effort to help each of us have a good day.

You mentioned how impressed you are with Mindy, nurse practitioner at The Ghosh Center.

Mindy is just as good as Dr. Ghosh is. In fact, she’s wonderful. She’s very knowledgeable and always takes time to answer all our questions. She’s also willing to dig deeper and consult with Dr. Ghosh to learn more. We can tell Dr. Ghosh trusts her judgment and holds her in high regard.

Have you benefited from financial support with The Ghosh Center?

The very first day Charles came in for treatment, Dr. Ghosh said, “I don’t know your financial status, but let that be the furthest thing from your mind. You will get the treatment you need, no matter what.”

The Center has been a lifesaver with prescriptions. The drugs are very expensive. The Ghosh team went to bat for us, found some grants to cover the costs and handled all our financial worries.

You’ll get the treatment you need, no matter what.

You’ve lost one of your sons to cancer, and you’ve both battled multiple myeloma. What keeps you going?

We were a close family before we lost Dennis. His death brought us closer together, which is what he would have wanted. We didn’t need a support group – we already had one through our faith, family and friends.

We believe in the saying: “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, you rejoice and the world cries.” This is how Dennis lived. We try to do the same.