Ghosh Family Gives Around the Globe

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If you’re from around here, you probably know that Dr. Ghosh and his family give back to our community in countless ways. From starting the Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation to underwriting Greene Square Meals to investing in high school and college students, Dr. Ghosh has touched thousands of lives right where we live.

But did you know that he’s also making a difference in his homeland? Dr. Ghosh was born in Calcutta, India, as the ninth of ten children. His mother taught him to always remember and care for the poor. It’s a lesson he’s taken to heart.

Working for Good in India

Although Dr. Ghosh moved to the states following medical school, he remembers his roots and actively strives to improve life in India. He’s found that it’s important to help new organizations in their earliest stages, while they’re still struggling. “If you can push the ball, you can get it rolling.”

He’s helped pushed numerous causes off to a good start and contributes to keep them going. His philanthropic work abroad includes:

  • An endowment to support the costs of hospital care (Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan Hospital)

  • Construction of an ER and other needs (Bharat Seva Sangh Hospital)

  • Services to villages for safe water, homeopathic medicine and child education (Loknath Life Divine Mission)

  • Monthly operating expenses and the building of an orphanage in West Bengal

  • Free cataract clinic in West Bengal

  • Hearse for funerary work (Loknath Life Divine Mission)

  • Mobile medical clinic (Bharat Seva Sangh)

Non-Resident Indian of the Decade

Last month, Dr. Ghosh and his family traveled to India where he attended the 36th International Congress of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). This event, held by the NRI Welfare Society of India, brings together highly accomplished NRIs from around the world with the top levels of India's leadership. The event includes an award ceremony where Non-Resident Indians who have made significant contributions around the globe are honored for their achievements.

Dr. Ghosh received the highest level of award given by the Society - the NRI of the Decade award. He's also the very first to receive it.

Although the Society does not publish the criteria for award selection, comments on the Society’s website focus on NRIs who left the country empty-handed, made a respected place for themselves and contributed their might in strengthening India’s economy.

Dr. Ghosh was the first person to receive NRI of the Decade, the highest award given

When we asked Dr. Ghosh what moves him to give in abundance, he speaks of his own abundant blessings. “When God asks me how I’ve used the resources I’ve been given, I need to pass the test I set for myself. Giving is a great privilege and helps me grow on my spiritual path.”

The images below are of the ceremony and the award. The ceremony was held in New Delhi and attended by senior members of India's government and Supreme Court, cabinet ministers, international ambassadors, scholars and other dignitaries, some of whom are pictured here.

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