Healing Therapies Empower Our Patients


At The Ghosh Center, healing therapies are an essential part of cancer care. We offer a free prehabilitation program for patients and caregivers, which prepares people for treatment and eases treatment-related symptoms. Our program focuses on complementary therapies that benefit mind, body and spirit.

Holistic Care for the Whole Person

The combination of complementary services with traditional medical treatments is known as integrative medicine, and it’s been proven to improve quality of life for individuals with cancer. Integrative medicine is a total approach to care that addresses both your physical and emotional needs. It includes a variety of therapies as described below.

Mind-Body Medicines

Mind-body medicines are based on the belief that your mind is able to affect your body. Examples of mind-body practices are:

  • Meditation: Focused breathing or repetition of words or phrases to quiet the mind

  • Yoga: Systems of stretches and poses, with special attention given to breathing and awareness

  • Guided imagery: Imagining relaxing scenes, pictures or experiences

  • Creative therapies: Art, crafts, music or dance

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is based on the idea that the body has energy fields that can be used for healing and wellness. Therapies that use healing energy include:

  • Tai Chi: Uses slow, gentle movements with a focus on breathing and concentration

  • Reiki: Works by balancing energy either from a distance or by placing hands on or near the patient

  • Therapeutic touch: Moves hands over energy fields of the body

Manipulative and Body-Based Practices

These approaches work with one or more parts of the body. Examples include:

  • Massage: Manipulation of tissues with hands or special tools

  • Chiropractic care: A type of manipulation of the joints and skeletal system

Biologically-Based Practices

This type of complementary medicine uses things found in nature. It includes food, vitamins and herbal products and should always be guided by sound medical practice.

Our Therapies for You

Because we believe in the power of integrative medicine, The Ghosh Center makes it easy for you to access services.  Some therapies, like chair yoga, meditation, breathing and Reiki, are offered each week to patients and family members. We provide discounts for certain services, such as massage.

Nutrition is a core part of our approach to treatment. We offer nutritional guidance, healthy recipes and food preparation demos and samples to help you fight cancer and improve overall health.

To take advantage of these services, talk to your nurse or give us a call.