Help with Prescription Costs


A few months after I started cancer treatment, my insurance decided I didn't need an infusion that Dr. Ghosh wanted me to have. It was something I couldn't afford to pay on my own. A very nice lady from Dr. Ghosh’s finance office told me not to worry – they would pursue the insurance company, and they would eventually collect. And they did.

More recently, I got two new prescriptions – one expensive and one VERY expensive. After my insurance determined what they would pay, I was told my out-of-pocket expense would be about $800 a month. Too much for me. Instead of giving me names of people who could possibly advocate for me, Becki, the pharmacy tech right there at the clinic, took it on herself. In less than a week, she found assistance from foundations to help me. I'm certainly not the only one who’s benefited from The Ghosh Center’s assistance. So far, nearly two million dollars have been secured for patients.

I like the fact that if I need a prescription filled, I can get it done right at The Ghosh Center. I don't have to stop somewhere else, wait in line and then wait some more for it to be filled. And they make sure I fill it for the same price – or, frequently, a lower price – than at an outside pharmacy.

I started seeing Dr. Ghosh in October, 2011. On that first visit, I knew he was a caring and compassionate person. And so were his staff. Since that first meeting, the feeling continues. These people truly care how their patients are doing, both physically and emotionally.

When I come in the door, the receptionist knows who I am and starts setting up my visit. By the time I'm at the desk, she tells me they’re ready for me in the lab. It’s very convenient to have my lab work taken care of right there rather than going elsewhere before my appointment. Within minutes of completing my lab work, the doctor or nurse practitioner is ready to see me.

There are many, many other services and kindnesses the team provides. If I must have cancer, I'm glad I can go to what I consider the best place for care – The Ghosh Center.

– Carol Stoffer