Human Kindness in Healthcare


Last month, Mindy and Becca traveled to the annual Press Ganey conference to receive an award for excellence in patient experience.

We’re proud of this honor, as you can see by the smiles on Mindy’s and Becca’s faces as they accept the award from Patrick Ryan, CEO of Press Ganey. But we’re even prouder of the reasons behind it.

Simply put, our award comes down to kindness. You ranked us in the top 1 percent nationally because you feel cared for as a person, not just a diagnosis. Kindness was a theme we heard throughout the conference as we gathered with others committed to caring for patients with empathy and respect.

Humanity Holds the Power to Heal

Lloyd Dean, CEO of Dignity Health, said, "What's missing in the public discourse about healthcare is the fact that while medicine has the power to cure, it's humanity that holds the power to heal”. A survey about human kindness in healthcare revealed that 87 percent of Americans feel kind treatment by a physician is more important than other key considerations in choosing a provider.

While medicine has the power to cure, it’s humanity that holds the power to heal

That’s what we’re hearing from you, too. In addition to giving us top marks for medical care, you tell us how much our everyday kindnesses mean to you and your families. In person, in cards and in comments on our website and Facebook page, you say:

“Dr. Ghosh’s kindness is such an important part of his treatment plan – as important as his medical knowledge.”

“Every moment we were treated with genuine concern and kindness and given the best options for treatment.”

“Dr. Ghosh and his staff continue to heal us and help heal the community. They’re an amazing team of caring and kind people.”

Everyday Kindness

Our commitment to kindness is unwavering. It’s part of everything we do, from making sure you're comfortable to finding financial assistance for our patients and supporting Blesie Tree giving. Our human connections with you create lasting relationships and reinforce the healing mission of our life’s work. We’re in this together and humbled to walk beside you in shared friendship and humanity.