Marking Every Moment with Hope


We caught up with Galen Harms at this year’s Blesie Tree Walk. Galen was there with his wife Judy and son Troy to show his support for The Ghosh Center and pay his blessings forward to others with cancer.

Galen, you’re a two-time cancer survivor. Can you share your experience?

I first dealt with prostate cancer in 2007. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma three years ago, I decided to look for a new doctor. Our daughter had a friend whose mother was treated by Dr. Ghosh for cancer. I started going to The Ghosh Center where I found an amazing doctor surrounded by amazing people.

Tell us about your treatment.

My first appointment was on a Thursday, and I was in a lot of pain. I began chemo the very next day and by that evening, three-fourths of my pain was gone. I feel Dr. Ghosh has tremendous healing power. After a few months of chemo, I’m out of the woods.

You’re a big fan of The Ghosh Center.

If you need treatment for cancer, it’s the best place in the world. The patients and staff feel like family. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Ghosh and what he and his team have done for me.

You showed your appreciation in a very meaningful way.

I make furniture – everything from kitchen cabinets and cedar chests to picture frames and clocks. So I made a clock for The Ghosh Center. I added my name and this inscription:

Hope: The faith that holds our hand in darkness and gives our spirit wings to fly.

It hangs over a door in the infusion area, where I hope it provides encouragement to others every day.