Medication Made Easy


Becki, our Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), writes:

After working in the pharmacy industry for over 20 years in just about every setting, I can tell you that having an onsite medication dispensary is what’s best for our patients. By offering this service, we save you money (both directly and indirectly), help you conserve valuable time and energy and complete the whole-health care services that set us apart.

When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is sit at a pharmacy and wait an hour, or rely on mail order delivery, for your medication. Because we contract with most insurance companies, we can take care of your prescription needs right here in real time.

There are two main reasons people fail to fill their prescriptions. Cost is the main reason for 55% of prescriptions never picked up from a pharmacy. That’s where our difference starts. When you use our dispensary, I know within minutes what your expected out-of-pocket cost will be. Moments after that, I begin to identify assistance programs to help ease your worries about cost. Financial assistance is available for every patient, and, over the last two years, I have found nearly two million dollars of it. My goal is to worry about the finances so you can concentrate on getting well.

The second most common reason people fail to fill their prescriptions is because they don’t feel the medications are necessary for their condition. That’s not an issue here. Our providers provide you with education so you understand the relevance of your medication to your disease. By filling your prescription here in our office, time is on our side. You will have just discussed your medication with the doctor or nurse, so the information will be fresh. And, during your personal drug consultation, we’ll be sure you’re completely comfortable with why, when and how to take your prescription.

Once you fill your prescriptions, I’ll follow up with you each month to make sure you have your next refill in hand, so there are no gaps in your treatment. At your monthly refills, we’ll have an opportunity to talk face-to-face about any concerns or side-effects you may be experiencing. Non-adherence to medication is just as costly for you as not picking up your prescription on the first fill. In fact, over 24% of patients just simply “forget” to take their medication. It’s kinda hard to do that when you know I’m going to be checking in with you or following up with your providers!

It is my passion to see that:

  • You have access to your medication

  • You fully understand the benefits of taking your medications as prescribed

  • The process is effortless for you

I have been blessed with the opportunity to provide this program for you right here in our office, and it completes my mission to learn how the medication dispensary has made a difference for you.