Palliative Care Enhances Quality of Life


What comes to mind when you think about palliative care? We look at a few frequently asked questions to explain the benefits and dispel the myths around this life-changing care.

My doctor has recommended palliative care. Does that mean my life expectancy is limited?

Palliative care is for people facing chronic illness, not just those at the end of life. It focuses on managing symptoms and improving quality of life, which are important for anyone dealing with a serious diagnosis like cancer. Palliative care often happens in tandem with medical treatment and may conclude when you feel better or your disease is in remission.

How is palliative care different from hospice care?

Palliative care is whole-person care that relieves symptoms of a disease, but doesn’t treat the disease itself.Hospice is a special type of care given to patients and their loved ones when treatment can no longer control the disease. It helps ensure that the final stage of life is the best it can be. In our next blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of hospice care.

Where can I get palliative care?

Many cancer clinics provide palliative care as part of treatment. At The Ghosh Center, we always prioritize each patient’s quality of life and fold palliative services into our care plans. Our integrative medicine services, such as meditation and yoga, promote relaxation and relieve stress. Healthy recipes boost nutrition and well-being. Dr. Ghosh and Mindy actively help patients manage cancer- and treatment-related pain and symptoms.

When appropriate, we may refer patients to doctors with specific training in palliative care medicine. In such cases, we work closely with the palliative medicine team for the overall good of our patients.

Is palliative care covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans, and Medicare and Medicaid, cover all or part of palliative care. If you have questions about coverage, talk to our billing specialist.

Should I seek palliative care?

If you’re interested in pursuing palliative care, talk to a member of our team. The benefits are considerable. According to Mayo Clinic, research shows that for people with certain types of cancer, early use of palliative care not only makes them feel better but also helps them live longer when compared with people who get standard treatment only.

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