Standing for Patient Choice


For Dr. Ghosh, it’s always been about personal choice. It’s why he came to this country as a young doctor who cared about individual rights. It’s why the Ghosh family has made intentional investments in the life of our community. And it’s why he launched The Ghosh Center to give patients a voice in their care.

Patient choice was actually the catalyst for opening the clinic. When Dr. Ghosh and the Physician’s Clinic of Iowa parted ways in 2011, he didn’t know if he would continue to practice in the area. Patients, friends and peers made their choice clear – they wanted him to stay. They formed a group called “Support Dr. Ghosh” and advocated for his new practice. The founder of the group brought people together with these words:

“Dr. Ghosh looks after his patients medically, physically and spiritually. He takes the time to ensure that his patients understand the procedures, medicines and side effects. He always has the best interests of his patients at heart. If we lose Dr. Ghosh, we lose the best asset for oncology and patient advocacy this area has.”

So Dr. Ghosh started over. Patients followed. Former staff members joined the team. And together, they created a practice where patient choice was – and continues to be – the guiding philosophy.

Since the clinic opened, Dr. Ghosh has placed decision-making in the hands of the people who are living with cancer or blood disorders. Patients count on him for straight talk and a listening ear. He learns what matters most to patients and caregivers and equips them with relevant information. To make sure people understand what to expect, Dr. Ghosh provides them with customized treatment plans, report cards, survivorship plans and a unique consent form.

By giving control back to patients and honoring their choices, The Ghosh Center has achieved impressive results. Many patients have experienced longer lives. Many report being highly satisfied with their care. Many have improved their quality of life through special integrative therapies. Many have stories to tell.

Today, we’re launching a new place for people to share them.

The Ghosh Circle

This post is the first entry in a new blog, The Ghosh Circle. The blog will provide a way for patients, caregivers, staff and others to share stories of The Ghosh Center. It will be a source for news about cancer, blood disorders and healthcare developments. We’ll share perspectives from Dr. Ghosh and updates about the center. More than anything, The Ghosh Circle will be a place to connect as a community touched and inspired by the patient-centered care provided by Dr. Ghosh and his team.

We welcome you into the circle. To join us, subscribe for regular updates. Tell us your experience with The Ghosh Center. Take part in the discussion with comments that respect guidelines for civility. Keep friends and family in the loop by sharing posts through email or social media. As always, we’re grateful for your support and honored to care for our community.