Top One Percent - Twice in a Row


Today, we accepted the highest award we could hope for. And once again, we find ourselves honored and humbled to have earned your trust and raised the standard of excellence for cancer care.

We’re delighted to share our good news: 

The Ghosh Center ranks in the TOP ONE PERCENT for patient experience.

Not just in Iowa, but in the nation.

Not once, but twice.

Highest Possible Ranking for Patient Experience

This is the second year in a row we’ve been named a Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey. This award is the gold standard for patient satisfaction. The best part? The award isn’t handed down from Press Ganey; it’s based on feedback from the people who matter most – the patients we serve.

People just like you have taken the time to fill out surveys about the care we provide. Press Ganey compares our scores with those from other healthcare organizations. Our results tell us we’re performing better than 99% of those organizations, whether they’re in Cedar Rapids, in Iowa or far across the country.

Patients Experience Means Patients First

You gave us high marks for living our patients-first values:

These values have formed the cornerstone of our care since Dr. Ghosh opened the clinic five years ago. We believe all patients should be cared for in this way, no matter where they receive treatment.

Press Ganey National Conference

Today, Mindy Martin and Becca Weber are at the national Press Ganey conference, along with nearly 3,000 healthcare professionals from across the country. Together, they’re sharing and exploring best practices for improving the safety, quality and experience of patient care. They’ll bring back what they’ve learned and continue to strive for the highest quality cancer care for our patients and people everywhere.

Check back soon for pictures from the conference and stop in to see the award – right next to the one from last year!