When patients come first, they live longer, fuller lives. Our five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic cancer is nearly five times greater than the national rate. See the data and learn what the gift of more time means to the people we care for.

Online Cancer Resources

There’s an abundance of information about cancer on the Internet. Some of it is reliable; some of it is not. To help you navigate, we’ve put together a list of credible resources from trustworthy organizations.

If you have questions or aren’t finding what you’re looking for, ask a staff member. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.


Breast Cancer

Local Resources

  • Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation: apgfoundation.org
    Provides financial assistance to area cancer and blood disease patients to cover the cost of prescriptions and prosthetics.
  • Blesie Tree Foundation: theghoshcenter.org/blesie-tree-foundation/
    Helps patients and family members everyday needs and sponsors an annual walk.
  • Gems of Hope: gemsofhope.com
    Offers programs, inspirational gifts, creative workshops and more to help patients, family members and friends cope with cancer.
Cancer, What Now?