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Amy's Faith in the Fight against Cancer

Faith in the Fight Against Cancer

Although Amy’s had her struggles over the last few years, you can see from her smile that her spirit is strong. She talked with us about her approach to fighting cancer and the faith that keeps her going.

You’ve been down this road before. Can you share your experience with cancer?

Four years ago I was having lots of problems in my lower abdominal area. My gynecologist sent me to Dr. McCarron, who did emergency surgery where he found ovarian cancer. Dr. McCarron referred me to Dr. Ghosh, saying he was the best doctor for my needs.

For a year, I had chemotherapy every three weeks. For another four, I was in remission and doing well. And now it’s come back, so I’m doing chemo again at The Ghosh Center.

How are you coping with your second diagnosis?

My thought was, “I don’t just lay down and die. I don’t do that. It’s not in my nature. I will fight this.” Although it’s hard to hear a cancer diagnosis, it’s important not to give up. My advice is:

  • Follow the treatment your doctor is giving you
  • Have a voice in your treatment.
  • Keep your sense of humor and have fun.
  • Continue doing things you’re passionate about or develop new interests.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to have down days – you’re going to have them.

Are you taking your own advice?

My survivorship has included a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself. I also give myself permission to be angry and sad. And I have my faith. Faith doesn’t necessarily have to be the belief in a God, but it’s important to find that form of spirituality, to find the peace within.

A few words about faith and cancer

Experts say that spiritual or religious practices can help people adjust to the effects of cancer and its treatment. Patients who rely on their faith or spirituality tend to experience increased hope and optimism, freedom from regret, higher satisfaction with life and feelings of inner peace. Through faith, people find deeper meaning and experience a sense of personal growth during cancer treatment, while living with cancer and as cancer survivors. (Source: National Comprehensive Cancer Network)

That’s certainly the case with Amy. Hear her story in her own words in this video.


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