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Frequently Asked Questions

If I choose the Ghosh Center, will I still be able to receive the same care as at a bigger center?

Absolutely yes! Ghosh Center providers and patients have full access to all needed technology and equipment at the other medical centers both in Cedar Rapids and nationally. Our providers will see to it that you are receiving the latest and best treatment technology.

Will the Ghosh Center be supportive of me seeking non-traditional treatment options?

All your healthcare decisions are ultimately up to you. We will advise and recommend what we feel are the very best options for your treatment based on research, the latest professional literature and our substantial direct experience.

Is it dangerous to choose a smaller care center?

At The Ghosh Center you always have access to whatever equipment and technology is needed for your treatment whether it resides at a local healthcare center or outside of the area. Our healthcare providers work closely with any resource that is best for your treatment needs.

Is it more expensive to choose the Ghosh Center?

While The Ghosh has built a solid reputation over the years as leading and recognized center of excellence in the oncology and hematology fields, our charges are competitive industry wide and we put in much extra effort to save you money, explain costs options beforehand and vigorously advocate on your behalf with outside parties involved in your treatment such as insurance companies, drug companies, charitable foundations and other programs to save you money. In fact, in 2014, we were able to help save our patients nearly $2M, an achievement unparalleled in the industry for a practice our size.

Will I lose my hair?

Every treatment cycle varies per individual needs. Many treatment courses involve chemotherapy that can result in temporary hair loss. In these cases, we provide a number of resources for you to look and feel your best possible during this period.

How can I talk to my kids about having cancer?

Cancer can be a confusing, scary and difficult subject to convey to children. Our staff has much experience in explaining and educating patients and their families and supporters. Clearly explained options and courses of action do much to take the fear out of treatment. We also work closely with outside resources such as counsellors and other services to make this part of your treatment journey the best possible.

Does The Ghosh Center offer financial assistance?

The Ghosh Center has helped patients to secure nearly two million dollars in assistance for their treatment, including but not limited to chemotherapy medication, prescription medication, household amenities and more.  We also work with each patient individually to come up with a payment plan that works for them.

Will the Ghosh Center manage my prescription medication?

The providers at The Ghosh Center will work with your primary care or other specialty physicians to manage your medications. We also offer an in house medication dispensary that can fill your prescriptions that our providers write for. We accept most major insurance and offer fair cash pricing options. Some restrictions apply due to laws and regulations.

Can I access my records from home?

We have invested in the latest computer technology and upgraded our electronic medical records system so that you can easily access your chart through “see my chart”.  From the comfort of your own home or office, you can access your lab results, last visit summary and more.

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