The Ghosh Center’s patient focus is more than just a process or collection of appointments and treatments.

Fill Your Prescriptions Onsite

Our patients-first philosophy includes helping people get the right medication in the right amount at the right price. That’s why we established a medication dispensary here in our clinic. NCODA, the National Community Oncology Dispensing Association, has recognized The Ghosh Center as a “practice in focus” for our efforts to help patients.

Onsite Medication Dispensary

It’s been shown that patients who fill prescriptions in the same setting where they receive their care are better at managing their medications and dealing with side effects. An onsite dispensary saves patients time and precious energy; it also results in lower costs because patients can order only the amount they need.

You can fill prescriptions written by our care providers during regular business hours. We also work with your primary care or other specialty physicians to manage your medications. We accept most major insurance and offer fair cash pricing options.

Call us for more information or see Becki on your next visit.

View our prescription refill policy.national community oncology dispensing association

Learn more from NCODA about the benefits of an onsite medication dispensary.

Note: The dispensary is owned by The Ghosh Center. You have the right to take your prescription(s) to your pharmacy of choice. Some restrictions on filling prescriptions apply due to laws and regulations.

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