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Financial Assistance

When you’re fighting cancer, the last thing you want to worry about it the cost of treatment. At The Ghosh Center, we work tirelessly on behalf of our patients to help them afford treatment.

We’ve saved patients over $9 million.

Through our efforts, we've helped patients secure over nine million dollars in assistance through a variety of sources. This support includes, but is not limited to, chemotherapy and medication expenses, help with household needs and more. We also work with patients to put together individual payment plans.

Additional options for financial assistance include these resources:

  • Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation – provides financial assistance for prescriptions and prosthetics to cancer and blood disorder patients who are Iowa residents

  • Blesie Tree Foundation – assists patients and their families with everyday expenses to improve their quality of life

To learn more about financial assistance, talk to a team member or give us a call.