Ghosh Center Retreat

Renew your spirit at the Ghosh Center Retreat, a stone cottage tucked into the woods just miles from our clinic. With views of the Cedar River and Palisades-Kepler State Park, the retreat is a place to escape your cares and enjoy the beauty of nature.

History Restored

Dr. Ghosh and his wife Sima have faithfully restored the cottage as a tribute to Howard Hall, who was instrumental in bringing cancer patients the first cobalt treatment unit west of the Mississippi. Hall, and his wife Margaret, who made their home at Brucemore, gave back in countless ways to the community; Dr. and Mrs. Ghosh have continued in this tradition.

A Place to Heal

The Ghosh Center Retreat is a natural extension of our integrative approach to healing. On a seasonal basis, patients and their caregivers can attend free sessions that include stretching and chair yoga, relaxation and meditation. Talk to a team member or sign up at the office to register.

We invite you to relax and restore mind, body and soul in this beautiful setting.