The Ghosh Center’s patient focus is more than just a process or collection of appointments and treatments.

Help, spelled out by pills

Here to Help You with Prescriptions

It should be simple. Your doctor writes you a prescription; you fill the prescription. You start to get the help you need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t play out that way for millions of patients in this country. With the high cost of prescriptions, many people can’t pay the price.

That’s especially true for people with cancer and other serious illness. Out-of-pocket costs can make treatment unaffordable for those who need it most. Even with insurance, expensive medications can cause real financial hardship.

Eliminating Out-of-Pocket Costs

That’s why we help you from day one with the cost of treatment. At your first visit, we’ll tell you to set aside your financial worries. As soon as your drugs are prescribed, we start to research what will and won’t be covered for the prescribed dose and duration. Then we get to work identifying sources of funding to fill the gap.

Over the last four years, we’ve saved patients over 8 million dollars.

When you come in to learn about your chemotherapy plan – usually at your second or third visit – you’ll learn how the medication works, about its side effects, its price and how much we’ve been able to save you. Our goal is to reduce your out-of-pocket cost to ZERO – and that’s usually exactly where we land.

The results add up quickly. Over the last four years, we’ve saved patients over 8 million dollars.

Proactive Research for Our Patients

When Becki started working at The Ghosh Center in 2012, she brought with her an understanding of existing financial resources for prescriptions. She began actively seeking out forms of assistance, and from there it grew. She and Mike spend part of each day proactively researching ways to help each of our patients.

They’re pretty resourceful. If you have commercial insurance, you may be able to use co-pay cards from drug companies. If you have Medicare, you may be eligible for support from certain foundations. If you’re uninsured, patient assistance programs, sponsored by drug companies, may be a source of help.

The Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation is also a resource for patients who’ve exhausted all other forms of financial assistance. If this alternative makes sense, Becki will fill out the application forms for patients.

You don’t need to fill your prescriptions at our dispensary to receive this help. Becki and Mike are there for every patient, every time. The research they do and the results they achieve are among the biggest rewards of their work.

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