When patients come first, they live longer, fuller lives. Our five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic cancer is nearly five times greater than the national rate. See the data and learn what the gift of more time means to the people we care for.

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How to Donate in Someone’s Memory

Memorial donations are a meaningful way to honor  someone’s life and and extend a hand to others facing serious illness. If you’d like to make a donation in honor or memory of a patient, we offer two alternatives:

Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation

The Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation provides financial assistance to help cancer and blood disease patients obtain prescription drugs needed for treatment. Many of our patients have benefited from the support of this foundation.

Checks may be made to:

Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation

PO Box 1248

Cedar Rapids IA 52406

The Blesie Tree Foundation

The Blesie Tree Foundation pays kindness forward, helping patients with everyday needs – from a ride to our clinic to a night where no one has to cook. Our goal is to provide a break from daily stress, so patients can devote their energy to getting better.

Checks may be made to:

The Blesie Tree

1951 51st St NE

Cedar Rapids IA 52402

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