The Ghosh Center’s patient focus is more than just a process or collection of appointments and treatments.

How We Improve Survival

At The Ghosh Center, you’re considered a survivor from the moment you’re diagnosed. Our survivorship program is designed to help you live with, through and beyond cancer to a full and thriving future.

Our unique approach improves survival through:

  • Expert cancer treatment
  • Integrative healing services
  • Patient education and support
  • Active follow-up care after core treatment is completed

The proof is in our results.

Higher Chance of Cure

Many of our patients have experienced longer lives as a result of our patient-centered approach to care. One example of improved survival rates comes from our success in helping more breast cancer patients.

The majority of breast cancer patients receive chemotherapy; however, overall survival rates decline when relative dose intensity (RDI) is less than 85%. (RDI is the amount of chemotherapy given in proportion to the amount recommended.) The Ghosh Center achieves RDI of 98% – far better than 85% – and far more effective in helping our patients beat breast cancer.

The Ghosh Center has a 98% relative dose intensityKaiser-Permanente-Ghosh-Center-Comparison

How do we achieve these results? We have a proven approach that improves the consistency and impact of treatment. This includes helping you:

  • Understand what to expect from chemotherapy
  • Set goals for your care
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop a survivorship plan
  • Resolve financial and social concerns
  • Manage side effects so you can continue your full course of treatment

We respond to concerns about side effects on a 24/7 basis. As a result of this support, our patients experience fewer emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions. They also have lower related healthcare expenses.

Healthier Futures

When your core treatment ends, our relationship with you continues. We provide follow-up care to monitor your health and manage long-term side effects of treatment. We also help you live healthfully and enhance your quality of life.

Celebrating Life

At The Ghosh Center, our patients are part of our community. Our annual Celebration of Life Picnic brings together current and former patients, family, friends and wellness professionals to celebrate the gift of life.

Survivorship Resources

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