Onsite Lab Services

It’s important to drink plenty of water before lab work.

You can generally expect to have lab tests done before each treatment session. This allows us to monitor your condition and make sure you’re able to receive treatment as planned.

To keep things convenient for you, we have a lab within our clinic. We’re able to monitor your health, get test results on a timely basis and make quick adjustments to your medications, without your needing to travel from place to place.

Lab Tests

It’s important to drink plenty of water before your lab work. Most tests involve a simple blood draw administered by our board-certified medical technologist, and this process goes more smoothly when you are hydrated.

Test services include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC) to measure white and red blood cell count, platelet count and white cell differential

  • Basic metabolic panel (BMP), which includes electrolytes and kidney function tests

  • Complete metabolic panel (CMP), an expanded version of the BMP that also includes liver function tests

  • Creatine test to measure kidney function

  • Urine dipstick testing to detect abnormalities that may indicate disease

  • Pregnancy testing

Results are generally available within 15 minutes. In some cases, we send tests to other labs for further analysis. You can view your lab results in your online patient portal.

Insurance & Billing

The cost of lab testing is not included in the bill you receive from our office. LabCorp will bill you for any portion of your lab work that is not covered by insurance.