When patients come first, they live longer, fuller lives. Our five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic cancer is nearly five times greater than the national rate. See the data and learn what the gift of more time means to the people we care for.

Mark’s Gift

My name is Mark, and I am grateful for The Blesie Tree. When I first began treatment at The Ghosh Center, I found my head was always getting cold. One of the staff recommended something called a “buff” and even told me the site where I could get it from. I was prepared to do that, but when I came back for my treatment the next week, The Blesie Tree had purchased some of them for me. No more cold head!

This past Thanksgiving, my name was drawn for a Thanksgiving dinner donated to The Blesie Tree by Hy-Vee. That gave me a chance to not only cook my first Thanksgiving turkey, but to have a nice quiet Thanksgiving dinner with my fiancée, which I hadn’t been able to do last year. Neither of these things would’ve been possible without The Blesie Tree, and I’m very grateful it exists to help people in their time of need.

-Mark Peveto

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