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Hypnotherapy word cloud

The Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Have you ever been hypnotized? Would you ever want to be? In popular culture, hypnosis is often depicted as someone being talked into doing something silly, such as quacking like a duck. True hypno...

Yoga-Lotus Position

Yoga and Meditation Proven to Benefit Cancer Patients

Integrative therapies, such as yoga, meditation and massage, are often recommended to patients during and after cancer treatment. The conventional wisdom is that such therapies help reduce anxiety, re...

Patients with Artwork

Find Your Inner Artist

A few months ago, we talked about art therapy and how it helps the healing process. Today, Russ Fagle shares his perspective as both a professional artist and former patient of Dr. Ghosh’s. Benefit...

Meditation & Healing

Calm Your Mind Through Meditation

Meditation is a mind and body practice with a long history of helping people cope and thrive. Meditation teaches us to quiet our minds and be more present in every moment of our lives. The Science Be...

Chakras & Reiki Healing Energy

The Healing Energy of Reiki

We all experience stress. And it doesn’t just hit us at one dimension. Stress throws us off-balance on many levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is especially true of illness, when dis...

Chair Yoga

Experience the Benefits of Chair Yoga

Tranquil, centered, at peace. That’s how I felt after my first session of chair yoga. I participated while researching the complementary medicine and wellness therapies practiced at The Ghosh Center...

Healing Word Cloud

Healing Therapies Empower Our Patients

At The Ghosh Center, healing therapies are an essential part of cancer care. We offer a free prehabilitation program for patients and caregivers, which prepares people for treatment and eases treatmen...

Prehabilitation Phase One

Preparation + Rehabilitation = Prehabilitation

"There's no way I would've been able to handle chemotherapy if I hadn't done this first." This quote comes from a person who did prehabilitation before beginning chemotherapy for abdominal cancer. Wh...


Caring for Mind, Body & Spirit

When you learn you have cancer, your first stop is usually to an oncologist, a doctor who specializes in cancer treatment. This is often followed by a series of appointments with various surgeons, acc...

Cancer, What Now?