When patients come first, they live longer, fuller lives. Our five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic cancer is nearly five times greater than the national rate. See the data and learn what the gift of more time means to the people we care for.

Tops in Patient Satisfaction

Honored. Humbled. Grateful. This is our reaction to the news that we’ve received the highest possible ranking for patient experience from Press Ganey, a national leader in healthcare performance measurement. Today, it was announced that the Ghosh Center has been named a Guardian of Excellence Award® winner for 2015.

This award recognizes top-performing healthcare organizations that consistently achieve rankings of 95% or higher. The Ghosh Center ranks in the 99th percentile, putting us in the top 1% in the nation for patient experience.

Ranked First by Patients

Patients themselves submit feedback directly to Press Ganey, which is used to determine the rankings. Our award for patient experience recognizes the way we put our patients-first philosophy into practice every day.

Patients gave us high marks for many factors, including:

• Feeling treated with respect and dignity
• Being included in decision making
• Having confidence in the care team
• Amount of time spent with the care provider
• Being willing to recommend The Ghosh Center to others

Of course, for Dr. Ghosh, this is not about winning awards; these examples are part of the heart and soul of the Center. Our team is committed to the whole needs of the patient – from providing exceptional medical care to integrated therapies for healing and well-being. This kind of recognition confirms we’re on the right track. And, for this, we humbly thank you.

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  • Joanie says:
    Dr Ghosh has remained solid with his integrity and values. His practice has always been to put the patients first and he always listened to the patients Voice. He has been doing this for years. I was fortunate to work with him at Mercy Medical Center. Congratulations for your unselfish acts of compassion for the Cancer patient and their families. You truly get it!!!!!

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