When patients come first, they live longer, fuller lives. Our five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic cancer is nearly five times greater than the national rate. See the data and learn what the gift of more time means to the people we care for.

Weekly Events

Every week, we offer a variety of PhaseOne events. All are open to patients and their caregivers free of charge. 

Events are held year-round at The Ghosh Center and on specific dates during warm weather at the Ghosh Center Retreat, across the river from Palisades-Kepler State Park.

To attend and get directions, simply talk to a staff member or call us at 319-294-1899. Event days and times are subject to change, so please call prior to your first visit.


  • Guided Meditation – 1-2 pm by appointment only
  • Reiki – 2-4 pm
  • Chair Yoga – 3:15-4 pm

Special Sessions at the Ghosh Center Retreat

Second Tuesday of the month from 10:30 – noon:

  • May 14
  • June 11
  • July 9
  • August 13
  • Sept 10
  • Oct 8

Advance registration required. Nurture mind, body and soul in this beautiful setting.

Read about the benefits of yoga and meditation to cancer patients.

Cancer, What Now?