When patients come first, they live longer, fuller lives. Our five-year survival rate for patients with metastatic cancer is nearly five times greater than the national rate. See the data and learn what the gift of more time means to the people we care for.

Prehabilitation Phase One

PhaseOne Integrative Wellness

We believe exceptional medical care involves caring for all aspects of your well being. That’s why we supplement our oncology and hematology treatment with services that prepare you for treatment and strengthen you as you go.

Prehabilitation Program

Our PhaseOne services are a form of “prehabilitation,” a proactive approach focused on preventing problems. These integrative services are free and optional for all of our patients and their caregivers. To get the most benefit from chemotherapy or infusion therapy, we recommend that patients begin “prehab” before treatment starts.

Our program highlights the importance of balanced nutrition, physical exercise and mental relaxation throughout the treatment and healing process. Our in-house health coach is available each day for one-on-one dietary counseling. We host weekly activities at The Ghosh Center (and from late spring to early fall at the Ghosh Center Retreat). We also partner with local wellness professionals for services.


Resource Library

Through the generosity of a former patient, you have access to a quiet patient lounge, stocked with resources for patients and caregivers. The Lowell Batson Resource Lounge includes a library full of books and videos, treatment binders and computers for use during office hours.


Nutrition to Boost Your Health

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Practicing a balanced diet during cancer treatment has countless benefits. Healthy eating habits and the right nutrients can help keep treatment on track, boost your immune system and minimize cancer side effects.

One-on-One Guidance & Group Demos
Our in-house health coach is available every day to help you learn about nutrition, make changes to your diet and understand how these changes will benefit treatment. If chemotherapy causes you to lose your appetite for certain foods, we can provide nutritious alternatives. We’re here to help with recommendations personalized to your needs, plentiful recipes, food prep demos and tasty samples.

See all Ghosh Center recipes.

Outside Nutritional Programs & Supplements
When you have cancer or another systemic disease, it’s important to understand how nutrition can affect your condition. Before you make changes to your diet or consider a supplement, talk to one of our doctors or nurses.

Certain foods can conflict with your medication schedule. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA and often promise more than they deliver. When in doubt, check with us first. We’re on this journey together.

Resources for a Healthy Diet
Find practical tips and tools for healthful eating at Choose My Plate, a service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Exercise to Build Strength & Stamina

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It’s a fact that moderate, frequent exercise can enhance physical well-being and improve the recovery process. It can also offset the reduced energy, muscle strength and joint flexibility associated with treatment. To help patients and caregivers get active or maintain their level of activity, we offer a variety of exercise options.

Free exercise sessions are available at our clinic. During the warmer months, we also host group physical activities in the serene setting of the Ghosh Center Retreat.

Check out our weekly wellness schedule.

Fitness Resources
Rx for Fitness is a health promotion program that encourages fitness and healthy lifestyles. It’s endorsed by Linn County Medical Society and the local medical community, where physicians write an actual prescription for the program. Participants receive a pedometer, a fitness booklet and a metro area trails map.

Interested? Talk to a staff member or visit the Rx for Fitness website.


Yoga to Relieve Symptoms & Stress

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Chair yoga is a gentle, low-impact form of yoga that builds stability and strength and reduces strain on limbs and joints. Participants are guided through postural changes, breathing and meditation while sitting in a chair or using a chair for support.

The benefits are many. Chair yoga often provides relief from the symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment. Patients find that the progressive muscle relaxation of yoga calms their emotions and increases their sense of well-being.

We offer chair yoga classes free of charge to our patients and caregivers every week at The Ghosh Center and on a seasonal basis at the Ghosh Center Retreat.

Check our wellness schedule for dates and times.


Relaxation to Restore Well Being

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Managing stress is key to maintaining good health. This becomes even more important when you’re diagnosed with cancer or other chronic illness.

As part of our commitment to caring for mind, body and spirit, we offer a selection of stress-reducing activities, such as meditation, chair yoga and relaxation techniques. Our patients and their caregivers benefit from these free of charge. Relaxation activities are available at our clinic and seasonally at the Ghosh Center Retreat.

The Ghosh Center Retreat
The Ghosh Center Retreat – formerly the Hall Cottage located in Palisades Park – is an oasis where you can soothe your soul in a beautiful setting. From late spring to early fall, patients and caregivers can make weekly visits to the cottage. To register, talk to a staff member.

See photos and read more about The Ghosh Center Retreat.